Experts Handbook

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The experts handbook presenting highly qualified services is now available and downloadable from this web page. Experts wishing to be included in this handbook can submit their application until the end of NEPTUNE project.


NEPTUNE has selected for SMEs and would-be entrepreneurs highly qualified experts, able to provide their expertise to support the development of your projects and ideas. The experts handbook allows you to identify the right expert for the right type of services/ vouchers. The handbook will be updated  on a regular basis.

The choice of external experts remains free to the applicants and the presence of chosen experts in the handbook is not mandatory. If an external expert is selected by applicant, it shall be evaluated by Neptune Entrepreneurship & Innovation Board to be approved and included in the handbook, which is availlable here


Become a NEPTUNE service provider and support Blue Growth

NEPTUNE is launching a call for interest to establish a list of experts (technical and consultancy service providers) to support SMEs, beneficiaries of NEPTUNE voucher system, to boost entrepreneurship and innovation capacity in the Blue Growth industry.

You are a legal entity or an individual expert established in one of the EU Member States, able to provide efficient support services and advices to SMEs in one or more of the following topics: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR); Technology Development/Transfer; Overcoming non-technical barriers; Scalability and Internationalization; Incubation and Prototyping or Large scale Demonstration And in one or several following domains:

  • Water management in rural environments
  • Water management in urban environments
  • Port logistics
  • Fluvial and maritime transport
  • Environment
  • Marine renewable energy

Apply now to be included in the Handbook of experts to have the opportunity to:

  • Gain visibility in Europe taking part in cross-border and cross-sectoral projects
  • Be included in the referenced experts’ handbook used by SMEs
  • Be chosen by a SME beneficiary of NEPTUNE voucher support
  • Contribute to the emergence of new cross-border and cross-sectoral value chains in the Blue Growth industry

Download the complete text of the call 

Important notice: Contrary to the deadline for submission indicated in the text of the call, the application can be submitted until the end of the project (December 2018)

Download the application form

Candidates must submit the requested documents (application form, supporting documents and logos and any visual identity material the candidate is willing to publish alongside its organisation/individual profile) in .pdf format package to with the subject: “NEPTUNE – CEI List of Experts” 


The call will be open until December 2018. The selection will be made on a regular basis.


The online handbook is updated on a regular basis. Once downloaded, NEPTUNE consortium is not responsible for any non-updated content.