Supported projects in maritime transport


Maritime transport focuses on all topics regarding transport of goods and passengers by waterways


Partners: OptionsNET (Greece) and Sparsity Technologies (Spain)

The aim of MaSSy is to deliver an improved technological prototype that will carry the integration of two technologies/services that have been developed separately by the two companies for different sectors, SaMMY ( and CIGO! ( respectively.

The improved service that is planned to be created will exploit cutting-edge technologies and it will provide significant advances for marinas and the yachting community. Those services will also address the daily environmental protection challenges in yachting marinas, by improving the yachts mobility and route planning, by minimizing the yachters’ influence to the natural environment and by solving the most important needs and administrational processes of the marinas.



Partner: Predict (France)

The project aims to validate the scalability and also the worldwide internationalization deployment of the BMCI innovative technologies. The BMCI innovative technologies were developed thanks to the financial support of the French Funds for industrial research and the maturation support and project proposal improvement of the Pole Mer Méditerranée cluster. The digital technologies address the prognostics and health management (PHM) of vessels and fleet of vessels. The TRL of these technologies is 7 at this stage and the objective of the PROPHESEA project is to upscale the technologies in order to reach a TRL9. All the innovative technologies, independently of their own TRL, are integrated within the algorithms toolbox of CASIP® and KASEM®. CASIP® and KASEM® are well established platform with a TRL9 and able to exploit and disseminate disruptive or innovative technologies. The main interests of these innovative digital technologies are to improve the vessel efficiency and the environmental footprint by a better anticipation of drifts and abnormal functioning having impact on the embedded systems performances and emissions. These innovative digital technologies are related to Big Data, machine learning and predictive ones. Thanks to the complement with aggregation and ontologism technologies, PROPHESEA will address the fleet wide management of the whole vessels efficiency and global environmental footprint.



Partners: MyCFD and BSG (France)

The project consists in providing sail markers with an automated CAD-CFD workflow to allow them to produce more competitive sails. Unaffordable so far for small companies, CFD is essential to guide innovation. Our goal is to offer a low-coast CFD cloud service to sail makers through an automated CFD workflow that will be integrated into a web service. The user will assess the aerodynamic performance of his new sail design compared to a previous design, without being an expert in fluid mechanics. Thanks to the project “Sail-Automat”, sail makers can rely on innovative technology to develop higher performance sails.


Wave Model Confidence Index

Partners: Noveltis and Compagnie Maritime Chambon (France)

The project is implemented thanks to a partnership between two French SMEs: Noveltis, from Occitanie Region, specialized in Earth Observation and Compagnie Maritime Chambon, from Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur Region specialized in port towage, sea rescue, offshore oil exploitation and Marine Renewable Energy. The project aims to develop a demonstrator of a system able to gather all measurements data made in the sea, by sensors or altimetry satellites as well as the sea state models forecasts. It will allow maritime users to be informed about wave heights and sea conditions in order to take the best decision regarding their itinerary.