Innovative Open Space Platform


A collaborative space dedicated to SMEs and other stakeholders to identify market trends and opportunities and support the incubation of Blue Growth projects and innovation ideas.

NEPTUNE Clusters partners offer and make available to SMEs Open-spaces for remote collaboration, using collaborative virtual environment (immersive tools) to participate to transnational meetings and workshops dedicated to the key value chains targeted by the project.

This collaborative tool named Neptune platform has been developped by the company Tamashare.






The STAR methodology, using animation techniques, will support the identification of market trends and the emergence of new ideas and projects. 


Interclustering innovation clubs

From December 2016 to May 2017, Interclustering innovation clubs targeting different Blue Growth areas will be launched. These events will be held physically in each partner region in connected meeting rooms allowing all the participants to work simultaneously together in a same virtual room. These clubs will be cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary and cross-border. By following a structured and shared method, they will foster the emergence of innovative projects, products and/or services for Blue Growth.


Matchmaking opportunities 

From May 2017 to July 2017, two B2B/C2C (Business to Business / Cluster to Cluster) face to face brokerage and matchmaking events, once project ideas have matured, will be organized at the European level to share and bring together SMEs, implement concrete cross-border partnerships and develop a better understanding of supply and demand challenges and solutions within key value chains.


The main actors involved in these events will be:

  • Sector stakeholders with a clear understanding of market trends and opportunities;
  • SMEs and large companies offering technologies and know-how from Water, Aerospace, ICT and Agriculture sectors;
  • Research centres/universities offering market ready innovations.