STAR methodology boosts project emergence


STAR : Structured and sTructuring Animation methodology for emeRgence

An innovative approach to support project emergence in the interclustering context 

In the highly dynamic environment of clusters, collaborative projects between members of different clusters take an increasing part of the clusters strategies.

Given that without any special constraint or stimuli, meetings between group of people tend to be non-creative, the animation of creative sessions permits to identify new opportunities.



Therefore, to stimulate new projects between the members of different clusters networks, the animation of creative meetings by hybridization of creativity methods and tools are useful. These creative workshops will led to networking between participants and promote new projects emergence.

In order to reach this goal, a dedicated innovation methodology, called STAR, was developed to support the animation of interclustering workgroups for project emergence [J. Ambrosino  & J. Legardeur, 2016] thanks to specific creative tools [J. Ambrosino, D. Masson et al., 2016]. STAR methodology provides a framework to exchange between participants coming from different sectors of activity, helps to identify needs, future trends and project ideas.