The overall project’s objective is to foster the development of Blue Growth industries in Europe and beyond.

NEPTUNE aims at developing new cross-sectoral and cross-border industrial value-chains, including in particular SMEs, to foster the development of Blue Growth industries. This development is based on the construction of new value chains and the reconfiguration of existing ones driven by the integration of new technologies and know-how between Water, Aerospace, ICT and Agriculture cluster actors/industries.



The project intends to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • To enhance the development across Europe of new value chains in the Blue Growth industries through a systematic approach providing entrepreneurship and innovation support to individual and groups of SMEs in the three target areas
  • To support the creation of fertile regional ecosystems (Smart Specialization Strategies) that provide the framework conditions for supporting and funding the emergence of collaboration actions between SMEs and between the cluster partners
  • To support the development of large-scale demonstrators for Blue Growth
  • To foster the creation or the improvement of market ready technologies, products (goods and services) or the improvement of production processes with the reduction of raw material consumption
  • To offer SMEs the opportunity to extend their markets worldwide
  • To deliver a methodology for facilitating the identification of market trends and project ideas emergence in an inter-cluster, cross-border and cross-sectoral collaboration driven context