25th Coastal Futures Conference 2018

Coastal futures

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Currently in its 25th year and there will be emphasis on looking ahead to the opportunities and practical measures that will be needed to meet the challenges the future will pose. Already a number of high level speakers have been earmarked and Defra have been very supportive. Over 300 participants are expected to attend from over 140 organisations.

The programme for CF18 will cover in over 35+ presentations covering a wide range of issues raised during the market research; these will include:

· The Government’s Vision for the marine environment

· The Defra 25 year plan: marine & coastal environmental implications Gemma Harper, Defra

· The opportunity of Brexit, if it is framed as a generational opportunity to mould things for the better and environmental legislation

· Brexit and our relationship with international conventions

· Coastal communities and changing realities: mergers, CFF funding, blue economy

· Coasts communities and adaptation to climate change – Professor Jim Hall, Oxford University & CCC

· Health, & wellbeing in the coastal and marine environment

· Marine Science – developing programmes and assessment – Simon Brockington, Defra

· Marine Spatial Planning – Bud Ehler – the respected leader in this field has agreed to speak

· Renewables in coastal & marine environment – the ongoing development of offshore wind

· Marine and coastal infrastructure – global developments

· Natural Capital – exploring practical applications – Coastal Pioneers – Assessing Ecosystem Services

· Climate change: warming and ecosystem effects – ocean acidification & population scale changes – Euan Dunn RSPB & Phillip Williamson NERC & UEA

· Cumulative effects – clearer guidance?

· Marine litter – plastics and micro-plastics

· Marine Conservation, MPAs & the scale of current developments – Dan Laffoley IUCN has agreed to speak – Marine Protected Areas – Economic benefits, displacement & blue belts

· Brexit and the Fisheries Bill – opportunities – and environmental protections

· Shellfishery aquaculture – Oysters & Mussels – multiple benefits