Focus on C-BAS project: Cyanobacteria Bloom Alert Service


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Project summary

CBAS, based on satellite observations, aims at the development of the technology and infrastructure to provide a comprehensive cyanobacteria alert and monitoring system in Poland. CBAS is a 9-month project.



N7 Mobile is a Polish SME specialized in software and Mobile App development (

i-Sea (a French SME) develops and commercializes services for the surveillance of water and coastal environments, based on field, UAVs/USVs, airborne and spaceborne technologies (



The KO meeting was held in January. The project integration is under progress to start running the service next summer. Demonstration will be performed over the larger lakes of Kaszuby district, in Poland. In the continuation of CBAS, I-SEA and N7, accompanied by 2 other SMEs (Planetek in Italy and HydroCote in France) have been selected to implement a monitoring service of Harmful Algal Blooms at the scale of the Baltic Sea. This large scale downstream service demonstrator is supported by the Copernicus Marine Service (CMEMS).