Focus on "Increasing the efficiency of nutrients removal in small community wastewaters" project


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Project summary


Demonstration in a real operational environment of efficiency and low energy footprint of the new Imhoff tank-RCBR wastewater treatment technology combination. Project duration: 16 months (July 2017-Oct 2018).




ECOTRUST is a Romanian entirely private SME, founded in 2005, providing urban and industrial wastewater treatment technology and services. Website:


ECO-SISTEMI is a small Italian startup company born in 2013 thanks to the idea of the RCBR bioreactor suitable for different types of industrial and domestic wastewater. Website:



ME1 Kick-off meeting 10-12.07.2017 Rovereto-Italy


ME2 Meeting in Cluj-Romania, Inspection of test site at Mariflor, Gherla 26-28.07.2017


RCBR module arrived at test site, Gherla-Romania 18.09.2017


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